Best life coach apps 2019


best life coach apps 2019

There is a popular belief that life coaching business is destined to become a failure. Some say, life coaches are not experienced enough to consult people about important things, while the audience cannot always apply offered solutions to their situations. Nevertheless, there always will be skeptics. Meanwhile, focus on developing an amazing website instead of trying to prove them wrong. Here are 10 awesome examples for inspiration. First of all, we want to present our free coaching website template.

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You can start your coaching website for free with this template. One of the best things about this website is that it starts with the explanation: what coaching is and how it can be helpful for you. A call to action is not aggressive, just like all the other CATs on the site. The homepage is very informative. Texts are written in a friendly manner, and the color palette looks very relaxing.

Your meeting with Cortney McDermott starts from the moment you open her site. A Play button opens the video by Fox 32, where you can see the coach in action. The list of partners that appears with the next scroll proves her credibility and encourages to subscribe to a free weekly digest. The navigation and website blocks are well structured. Beige and white together with black wording make the design elegant. This website has a simple block structure and praises simplicity in general. Users meet Harlene, smiling and promising to invoke more ease and simplicity.

Bright contrasting colors make the site lively and energetic. Personal photos, also bright and crisp, show a person who can be a good example to follow. This might sound like a very subjective estimation, but the subjective factor is exactly what makes a person choose a coach. Wisely placed CAT buttons with smart copy encourage to interact. Pleasant white and turquoise colors, nice wording, a smiling coach — it all looks like you are in a good place.

Pay attention to the copy: Amber Chalus explains her services through hypothetical situations, emphasizing that things you can achieve are bigger than you might think. Users can subscribe to a free newsletter on the first scroll on the homepage — a good move to connect with potential clients. Elizabeth Rider is very straightforward.

The navigation is smartly organized.Steve 83 Comments. Coaching as a business is exploding right now. So many of the coaches I hear about getting into the business are doing it to make a difference. Here are a list of the 50 best life coaches. These are coaches who have impacted me directly or indirectly to help improve my life and make it better. I respect each and every one of these coaches. Since the term life coach covers a broad range of topics and areas of interest, I decided to share a list of 50 coaches who cover a broad range of topics from finance, money and business to relationships, spirituality and well being.

A big thank-you to Paula, Lulian, Margaret and Scott for contributing and sharing these 4 coaches who have impacted their lives…. Let me know by adding them to the list below! If you really like this post, you might like this too: 7 Day Manifestation Experiment click to open. Iulian Novac. Craig Ballantyne with the Turbulence Training program. Margaret Hutchinson. Scott Lepthien. Stephen, Gary van Warmerdam is a true coach that has a program that is far more than it seems to be. Tim Ferris, the Four Hour Coach.

Shock and awe to awaken us to look at how we are living our lives.

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He is one of the greatest NLP coaches in Canada. I would like to know your opinion of him when you visit his website and read his books. He need to be in your list! You left out the most important coach and that is ourselves. We are our best coaches. So I would like to put where credit is due. We are the creators of our own life, one way or another. So very true. In reality though, the only reason I went on this spiritual journey myself is because of inspirational, powerful people out there some whom are coaches.

I would be completely lost — even with the most important tool I have at my disposal — myself. He is really good — never out to stone us but always there to lift our spirits.If you are constantly helping others see their blind spots in life, make better decisions, grow their self-confidence, and work through problems effectively, life coaching may be the perfect career for you.

The opportunities available to life coaches span from helping others with careers, relationships, finances, self-esteem, health, and more. Life coaching also has potential to be a financially rewarding career, with business opportunities available for you to charge what you are worth and engage in projects you feel passionate about.

Life coach certification programs are generally flexible, are online or hybrid with in-person workshops, and tailored to help you master the foundations of coaching.

best life coach apps 2019

There are hundreds of programs to choose from and many are accredited by the International Coach Federation ICF to ensure high quality. When comparing programs, consider location, price, learning methods, available add-ons, business curriculum, and continuing education options to make your most informed decision.

Learning Methods: CTA offers extensive study tools to deliver the foundational curriculum required for successful life coaching. Because of its varied teaching methods, attention to business and marketing success, and trademarked Coach Training Accelerator, CTA is well suited to train coaches of all kinds. CTA offers a six month program with small class sizes 12 student maximum and mentorship available for individual questions.

CTA believes real world experience is the key to success for life coaches. You will experience coaching from expert instructors, coach practice clients, and receive feedback after performing coach exercises with your peers. CTA also offers specific business and marketing courses to help prepare you for private practice or consulting work as a life coach regardless of your future career path.

The delivery of the entire course is done through online lessons, live teleconferences, interactive studying software, and a library of resources. Learning Methods: iPEC begins with online education sessions for more than hours of modules. Students complete the majority of their programs online and have access to live conferences in one of sixteen training locations.

Throughout the entire program, students benefit from mentor coaches who can challenge their skill building and help decide on their ultimate niche or specialty. Students also receive access to business development trainings and a peer community, which are also available after certification.

CoachU offers the necessary skills trainings to succeed as a life coach whether you are hoping to become self-employed or work in an organization after becoming certified. CoachU also offers the option of continuing education once you receive ICF-accreditation to continue building your skills. Learning Methods: CoachU programs begin with live teleconference classes and trainings to deliver their Core Essentials Program CEP which covers the foundations of coaching, ethics, and skills.

From there, you can transfer into one of two advanced coaching program options based on your professional goals as a coach. The Advanced sections either continue specific life coaching skills or shift focus into corporate coaching techniques.

Life Coach Certification: Here Are the Three Best Programs

Both advanced coaching programs allow you to work with different types of coaches, developing the business skills to create your own coaching practice, and corporate coaching students have the chance to learn about coaching organizations.

These topics include linguistics, behavior change techniques, development of coaching style, and best practices.Online coaching has evolved significantly over the past decade transitioning from in-person and telephonic-only offerings to those more appropriately classified as digital coaching or remote coaching.

This type of coaching may still incorporate telephonic or in-person sessions, but coaching tools and technologies, such as online coaching platforms, have enabled businesses to launch highly scalable models without compromising coaching effectiveness. As such, some will be better suited for solopreneurs just getting started with their business, while others that may be best suited for more established coaching businesses, or even larger organizations.

Administrative Tools generally more appropriate for smaller businesses. Remote Communication And Messaging Capabilities. Such as SMS messaging, telephonic and video coaching tools. Data Collection lifestyle, biometric, etc. From smartphone apps or mobile health wearables and connected devices.

To help coaches and managers understand who is being successful and who needs more attention. With these items in mind, below are some of the top recommended coaching platforms based on reviews from sites like Wellpreneur.

Keep in mind that coaching management software may be more geared towards nutritionally focused coaching vs. All-in-one client management system for emerging coaches. Streamlines the entire coaching and business management process for coaches wanting a full solution out of the box to run their business. Similar to Satori, CoachAccountable covers the basic administrative tools of running a coaching business, including accepting payments, scheduling sessions, creating detailed, individual coaching plans for clients to be delivered electronically, and sharing documents.

A fully customizable online coaching platformNudge Coach is designed first and foremost to help coaches get and keep clients on track in-between sessions and remotely. Because it was developed first as a consumer-facing personal habit tracking app, the coaching app for clients has always stood out for having the most user-friendly client experience on the market.

Today, the Nudge Coach platform enables health coaches, life coaches, business coaches, and their coaching teams deliver their services at scale with a full suite of client tracking and coaching tools to help identify who needs attention, so you can keep clients on track by sending the right message at the right time, or even scheduling a message to be delivered in the future.

Group coaching programs can also be easily managed with engagement-driving tools like social forum-style message boards and monthly steps challenges challenges can also be customized based on other daily habit trackers. Can also be configured as a HIPAA-compliant platform for programs in healthcare and medical environments.

Integrations with many leading movement tracker apps. White label app development available - launch custom branded coaching app for clients in the App Store and Google Play. For coaches who work on the go, Nudge Coach also features a simple mobile coaching app included as a companion to the online coaching platform. Nudge Coach does not offer as much in the way of basic administrative tools like payment integrations or built-in scheduling.

best life coach apps 2019

TrueCoach is designed to help personal trainers and fitness businesses launch remote coaching and training offerings, including the ability to connect with clients remotely and share workouts and workout videos.

Where systems like Satori and CoachAccountable are more focused on the basics of running a coaching business i. Similar to TrueCoach, Coach Catalyst is designed to help personal trainers and fitness businesses launch remote coaching and training offerings, including the ability to connect with clients remotely and share workouts and workout videos.

From the dashboard the coach is then able to monitor general progress and reach out to those who may need additional attention or motivation.View all Submit Blog Do you want more traffic, leads, and sales? Submit your blog below if you want to grow your traffic and revenue.

Submit Your Blog. Facebook fans Melbourne, Victoria, Australia About Blog This personal development and emotinal coaching blog is written by an experienced Life Coach to equip, encourage and inspire people to take meaningful action and make a positive difference in the world.

Romano is a Life Coach, Mentor and Bestselling Author, who specializes in helping others heal from codependency, narcissistic abuse, emotional neglect, psychological invisibility, and alike. Her coaching practice is founded upon the idea that all dysfunctional relationships with Self, and or with others, are the result of childhood brainwashing. United States About Blog Valorie Burton is a bestselling author, speaker, and life coach dedicated to helping people get unstuck and be unstoppable in every area of life.

Her mission is inspiring others to live more fulfilling lives, and to use writing and speaking as the conduit. New Zealand About Blog The Daily Positive website and global community helps people by providing actionable inspiration for a better life and a better world. Facebook fans 6. It was the first training center to successfully bring neuro-linguistic programming to the online format.

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Through its unique combination of blended, self-paced learning and challenging offline activities, iNLP Center has the formula for an effective, yet affordable training. San Francisco, California, United States About Blog I offer writing, tools, and resources for understanding fear patterns and creating the habit of courage.

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My mission is to empower people to live bold, courageous lives--for the benefit of themselves, their families, communities, and ultimately, the world. I specialise in coaching men who suffer social anxiety and lack confidence with women. I have mentored hundreds of men on my programs and literally transformed not only their dating lifes but helped them develop confidence in all areas such as worklife, family or social relationships.

Facebook fans 1. Keep up to date with the latest information on life coaching. His mission is to help as many Life Coaches as possible succeed in a fledgeling industry that is highly competitive but equally, highly rewarding. On A Daring Adventure, he shares his extensive personal development experience and helps his readers get unstuck and live a life they love.

About Blog This blog is a collection of everything I do online. From random thoughts to my favorite quotes, reading lists, book summaries, interviews, lifestyle reports, life lessons, tools, and essays. I read and write mostly about lifestyle design, mindfulness, business, travel, marketing, blogging, philosophy, essentialism, productivity, and self-development.

Phillip and Jane Mountrose helps people to awaken to their best possible lives and enlist their full potential through Certification Programs, private consultations, publications, and more. A life coach can hone in on what goals to set and help you achieve them. Parker, Colorado, United States About Blog Sheri Kaye Hoff Business and Life Strategist, coach, near death survivor, and author offering business growth, leadership, mindset and personal development for coaches, consultants, business owners, healers, and professionals so they can make a bigger impact, make more money, do more of what they love and relax into their success.

Hudson, Ohio, United States About Blog The Institute for Life Coach Training is the leading international provider of coach training and web-enabled coaching resources for counselors, psychologists, therapists and other helping professionals.

At Blush, life coaching is a creative process that inspires girls to achieve their full potential. They believe coaching should be accessible, affordable, and approachable. Blog joinblush. Learn how to become a life coach. London, England, United Kingdom About Blog Award winning lead therapy team providing counselling, life coaching and psychotherapy in London. Helping you achieve positive and lasting change, fast.

Living laptop lifestyle because I love to travel.Are you ready to scale your life coaching organization? Professional, successful life coaching businesses require both a framework for serving clients and a system for streamlining processes.

But why? The most sought-after life coaches ask their clients questions that enable them to overcome hurdles and setbacks and unlock a more positive and fulfilling way to live.

The 10 Best Productivity Apps in 2019

A life coaching app can enhance any coaching style, and help life coaches easily stay in touch with their clients outside of formal sessions. For many clients, being accountable and having the ability to touch base with their life coach can help them develop and persevere with positive routines and habits. No action means no results.

The best life coaching tools, softwareand apps help both life coaches and their clients, succeed. It is possible to find standalone apps that only handle one specific task. For larger life coaching organizations, more robust, fully integrated systems may be appropriate. Of course, life coaches will have to take the needs and desires of their clients into consideration, too, when it comes to choosing the right life coaching app.

However, these administrative tasks are critical to running a successful life coaching business. Life coaching apps and software that include organizational capabilities, such as scheduling workflows, invoicing software, and contract templates, can save time.

With these life coaching software systems, coaches can spend more time in client-facing positions. Automations designed for administrative tasks also reduce scheduling mishaps and other mistakes that can occur when a human being is in charge. For smaller life coaching businesses, deploying organizational life coaching apps also prevents them from having to pay a staff member to complete these tasks for them, saving life coaches not just time, but money too.

But setbacks can occur, and without an easy way to touch-base, clients can easily return to bad habits or engage in negative thinking patterns, which can quickly undo all their hard work.

Why are data collection capabilities necessary? The best life coaching software systems enable coaches to collect and analyze crucial data and information to help them grow their businesses and better serve their clientele.

A powerful part of any virtual therapy toolkit, life coaching software gives coaches access to iOS and mobile health devices.

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For larger life coaching businesses that have been practicing for years, data monitoring capabilities within a life coaching software system can help them find new markets.

These functions let life coaches see what demographics need their services the most. Data collection, in itself, is one of the key benefits of mobile therapy as an approach, and one that can provide greater insight into client behaviors to allow evaluation of progress and therapeutic benefits.

Life coaching clients benefit significantly from worksheets and exercises. With these capabilities, life coaches can send their clients new material from a secure application — often, these are HIPAA-compliant — helping them stay on track to reach their goals in between sessions. But some of the most significant aspects of life coaching, and what makes it so successful for clients, are the concepts of accountability, patient health engagement and commitment to the program.

Life coaches do an excellent job of motivating their clients with positive thinking and powerful questions to uncover the best way forward for their clients. But sometimes, life can distract even the most motivated people.Kicking bad habits or establishing good new ones is no walk in the park. But, yes, you CAN do it and it can even be fun. According to one study, it takes 66 days to form a habit.

If you can stick with actually making your bed for just over two months, it's more likely that you'll be able to stick with it. HabitBull is perfect for people who have flexible habit-building goals like biking to work three times a week, instead of every day.

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The app doesn't limit you to one daily reminder — you can customize an alert for certain days of the week and various times. If, for example, the desired habit is to read 30 minutes every day, you can just enter "15 minutes" and still feel like you're working toward your goal.

Underneath each habit is a progress bar, which I find very motivating. If you're striving to workout every other day until your next vacation, this is the app for you. It seems shortsighted to set a target date, right?

10 Great Coaching Website Examples

After all, these are good habits you're trying to build for life. In the target date section, HabitBull kindly reminds you that it takes 66 days to form a habit.

If you can complete the habit every day for three months, you're golden. Best of all: you don't need to register or sign in with Facebook or any of that crap. You can download the app and start using it right away.

Note: If you really love the app, upgrading is something you should do, if only to support their team. This app separates your goals into three categories : morning, evening, and do any time. It turns your habits into actionable, mangeable to-dos. I like that before noon, Productive will only show you A.

These Apps Will Actually Change Your Life

It forces me to incorporate my new habits throughout the day, instead of rushing to get them done before I go to bed. One con is that it's iPhone only. There's a similar Android app called Rewire free that sorts habits into a daily "widget" accessible from the home screen if you're on Android you'll know what I'm talking about.

Another downside to Productive is that the free version is pretty limited. What I like about Strides is if you're tackling something big, like losing weight or saving up for an expensive vacation, you can set up a Milestone Tracker to help break down those bigger goals into smaller steps.

best life coach apps 2019

It's a website, so you can access it from any device with an Internet connection. There's a free iOS app as well, for offline tracking. The app creates mini monthly or weekly goals for you. I added my target date to Strides, and the program created a savings plan for me. Streaks is a to do list-oriented app that can track a variety of things.

It's unique because of its integration with the iOS Health app.